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Barriers: Zero. Performance: Amazing.

During any exercise, an individual's strength varies at different points. Other machines don't address this strength curve - instead, the weight remains constant from beginning to end. This can limit muscle recruitment and overall performance.

Enter Optimal Strength Curve Technology™

Driven by our four-bar linkage system, cam design, or a combination of both, this unique technology dynamically matches the body's potential increases and decreases in strength. Nautilus Nitro® equipment users get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion for better, quicker results.

For a powerful workout that is intuitive enough for novices, select from the drop down below to view the Nautilus® Nitro line of equipment.

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Explosive workout in an affordable package
Nautilus Nitro® features include super smooth belt drives, comfortable traditional seat pads, patented four-bar linkage, classic full-range variable resistance cams and converging axis movements. Each Nautilus Nitro® machine features 2" x 4" steel frames for maximum durability, and a user-friendly, seat-accessible, partially shielded weight stack in 5-lb increments to allow users to change resistance quickly and conveniently. The EZ-Glide™ seat adjustments on all Nautilus Nitro® equipment quickly adapt to a variety of sizes, abilities and exercise movements. The bright yellow adjustment indicators allow for safe and easy identification by all users.

Key features of Nautilus Nitro® fitness equipment:
User-friendly, seat-accessible weight stack feature 5-lb increments and allow users to change resistance quickly and conveniently.
"Ergo-Grip" rotating handles and EZ-Glide™ seats enable the user to adapt the equipment to their workout - not their workout to the equipment.
Converging/diverging movement arms permit unparalleled exercise efficiency and safety.