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The Correct Way to Workout

You have to feel it to believe it. Nautilus Nitro® Plus equipment adapts itself to the way the body moves - instead of forcing users to adapt to the machine. The patented, four-bar linkable system directs the movement through its entire range, leading to unprecedented results.

Because Looks Matter

The Nitro® Plus line offers the same functionality and technology as Nautilus Nitro machines. But the upgraded appearance and special enhancements will definitely attract attention. Sleek tower shields feature brushed stainless-steel fronts, while the backs are finished to match the color of the machine. Contoured seats make workouts extra comfortable. Convenient accessory trays, mounted on each weight stack, give your members a place to put their water bottles and other personal items.

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Get the quality and engineering you expect from the Nautilus brand in a new, modern industrial look. Nautilus Nitro® Plus maintains the leading-edge features and functions of the original Nautilus Nitro® line, and enhances the décor of facilities that offer a more modern aesthetic. Updated features such as contoured upholstery and an accessory rack have been added for the comfort of the user, making the Nautilus Nitro® Plus line the choice for members. This equipment takes what has already been perfected by Nautilus and makes it even more attractive and progressive. The Nautilus Nitro® Plus line is the strength line for the future.

Key features of Nautilus Nitro® Plus fitness equipment:
User-friendly, seat-accessible weight stack feature 5-lb increments and allow users to change resistance quickly and conveniently.
"Ergo-Grip" rotating handles and EZ-Glide™ seats enable the user to adapt the equipment to their workout - not their workout to the equipment.
Converging/diverging movement arms permit unparalleled exercise efficiency and safety.